Carbon Neutral High Quality Craft Beer From North Carelia

Pine Mountain Brewery Ltd. (a direct translation from Panimo Honkavuori Oy) is a microbrewery located in Joensuu, North Carelia, Finland.  We observe the world and brew beer inspired by what we see.  Honkavuori beers are designed with art and brewed with science. All the beers are brewed in the excellent local untreated and pure groundwater.  The raw materials, mainly malted barley, hops and yeast, are carefully selected to guarantee high quality of the beer. 

We use brewery’s own forest to compensate carbon dioxide emissions from the beer brewing and other company’s activities, meaning mainly brewing, heating, own car and electricity. Read more...

Our first beer was introduced to the market in May 2016. Our goal is to brew high quality beers by making our own versions of common types of beer. However, we do not stick to the old styles only and some new openings are expected to take place every now and then. 

You can get our beers from S- and K-markets, local restaurants and from our very own Beer Store. If you don't find our beer in your local shop, restaurant or pub, please contact your local retailer or us. 

Honkavuori Beer Store is located at the brewery facilities. The Beer Store is open on Wednesday and Friday 12pm to 5pm. You are warmly welcome to visit us at these times and if you are passing by outside the opening hours, do not hesitate to ring the doorbell and ask us to sell some beer for you. The store address is Helinintie 2, 80130 Joensuu.  

Some of our beers (mainly beers containing alcohol above 5,5 vol-%) are also available in the national alcohol monopoly Alko. If you cannot find our beers in your local Alko, you can order the listed beers to any Alko store in Finland


Heili was awarded as the Best German-style wheat beer in Barcelona Beer Challenge in March 2019. Heili and Valo are double winners of the wheat beer category in the Helsinki Beer Festival’s beer competition in April 2019. Valo was also awarded as the best wheat beer in Finland (2017).

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