Our beers are brewed in a responsible way and we aim to be an environmentally friendly brewery. In general the operation of the Pine Mountain Brewery is well planned and the know-how and the equipment guarantee that the brewery has a stable base for good quality beer production and also for new experimental beers. 

The capacity of the brewery is up to 150 000 – 200 000 liters per year. At the moment our main focus is to brew good beer and run successful business in the brewing industry. Our background and education guarantee good basis for the required high accuracy in the beer production.

”Friday 13/11/2009, Restaurant Jokela, Joensuu. Honkanen and Vuorio spend a cheerful evening in the company of their wives. Evening runs well, as it always was in Jokela. Surprisingly, and without asking Honkanen makes a proposal. Vuorio sees a big furry grapple against a white tablecloth. In less than a second pals shake their hands. The decision has been made. We will establish a brewery sometime in the future. In Joensuu, where the river still flows.”

We did not aim to revolutionize the Finnish microbrewery genre from the outside, inside or any other direction, but it looks like we could not avoid this. In any case, not a big deal, it is only beer and we hope you like it. 


Equipment at the brewery

Brewhouse and fermentation:

  • Mashing, boiling and hot water tank, each 2000 liters
  • Hop-back tank
  • Fermentation/maturation tanks, each 2000 liters

Labelling and bottling:

  • Direct bottling line (no bottle carousel)
  • Labelling before rinsing and filling
  • Air removal before capping
  • Max speed 1200 bottles per hour


  • Keg washer and filler (G-coupler)
  • Key keg filling

Brewery doctors

The brewery was founded by Jani O. Honkanen and Ville Vuorio who met each other at the University of Joensuu in 1993. The founders have gained experience in various fields as researchers in laboratories, dusty offices, lakes and oceans, ponds, forests and savannas from the Equator to the high Arctic. Both founders have PhDs in natural sciences.