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Honkavuori beers brochure

Honkavuori_beers_1-2019 (PDF)


Honkavuori colours (PDF)
How to use our logo (in Finnish) (PDF)
Honkavuori (no text logo) (PDF)
Honkavuori black (no text logo) (PDF)
Honkavuori vertical (PDF)
Honkavuori vertical black (PDF)
Honkavuori (text inside the logo) (PDF)
Honkavuori sisäteksti musta (PDF)
Honkavuori horisontal (PDF)
Honkavuori horisontal black (PDF)


Labels (in PDF format)

Joki (River), pale ale 4,5%
347, IPA 4,5%
347, IPA, SUOMI FINLAND 100 YEARS – special label
Heili, wheat beer 6,6%
Angry wife’s fine lager beer 4,1%
Valo (Light), wheat beer 4,5%
Kukkahattu (Flowerhat), special ale 4,2%
Double Doc, doppelbock 7,3%
Yö (Night), oatmeal stout 4,5%
Pesä (Nest), organic lager 4,5%
Taiga, North Carelian porter 6,6%
Peikko (Troll), Carelian pale ale 4,5%
694, Double IPA 7,7%

Table stands (front- and backsides in separate files)

Honkavuori general leaflet
Joki pale ale (front side)
IPA 347 (front side)
Heili wheatbeer (front side)
Valo wheatbeer (fronside)
Angry wife’s fine lager beer (front side)

Table stands (front- and back side in the same file)

Joki pale ale and Honkavuori general leaflet
IPA 347 and Honkavuori general leaflet
Heili wheatbeer and Honkavuori general leaflet
Valo wheatbeer and Honkavuori general leaflet
Angry wife’s fine lager beer and Honkavuori general leaflet